Top 10 Garage Door FAQs

I have been watching my neighbor pack his car outside his garage. Definitely, that is a weird thing. But most of us do this at the expense of securing other things that we presumably think are more important. Well, for whatever the purpose your garage plays to you, whether a workshop or a store, your garage door should be prioritized. without a properly installed and secured garage door, you might end up incurring huge losses.

Below are top 10 most important things you need to know regarding your garage door.

1. The R-value. Is it important?

The R-value of a garage door or any material dictates if it offers a better insulation than the other. you might not find it very necessary to insulate your garage door until you get to spend some time more than normal in your garage. This mostly goes to those who use their garage as their workshop.

For most of us, our garages have a connection to the main house, either a room above or directly beside it. This connection plays a crucial role in influencing the garage temperatures and thus will need a well-insulated garage door. Garages that are not attached from the main house can have the doors with a relatively low R-value or none at all.

So, before purchasing a garage door, it’s very imperative that you check its R-value. Higher R-values relates to better insulator properties.

2.The headroom, backroom and side room.

The space in the garage that is in between the ceiling and the top of the garage door is referred to as the headroom. Backroom is the total front-back length of the garage while the side room is the distance in between the garage’s side walls and its door.

Before purchasing and installing a door for your garage, its paramount to learn this dimensions as their play a crucial role in determining a proper operating garage.

3.Removal of the torsion springs in case of a replacement.

Removal of torsion springs in your garage door during a replacement may sound simple and easy. But did you know that the tension in the springs are usually under great pressure that can cause a powerful release enough to injure or even kill you!

A trained professional is highly recommended for this work. Take caution!

4.The number of cycles on the torsion springs.

The number of cycles on the torsion springs are mathematically and skillful determined. Determine the approximate number of times that your garage door goes up and down on a daily basis and multiply that number by 250 and then by the average life of the garage door which is 10 years.

The number of torsion cycles is limited to 25000,50000,75000 and 100000. You have to make your choice based on them.

5. Painting my garage door.

Questions have been raised on whether it’s possible to paint a steel garage door. Yes! by using quality latex paint, it extends the life of the door. Avoid using oil based paint as it will eventually peel off.

Wooden garage doors, fiberglass also looks great when painted. The best part of it is that you have the chance to choose the color that best matches with the rest of the house.

6.Unbalanced garage doors.

People keep on asking; how do I know that my garage door is unbalanced? Well, it’s very simple. A normal garage door can be lifted up with one hand however big it may appear.

The design of garage door systems is to take off the weight in ordinary doors. If you find it hard to lift your garage door, it is unbalanced and you might need a professional to fix it for you.

7. What about aluminum garage doors?

Aluminum is light in weight. Giving it even a greater advantage because aluminum garage door will be easier to lift. Moreover, aluminum is recyclable and therefore when the door wears out, it does not mean total loss. Through this, the environment is also conserved.

8. A high-wing rating garage door.

Some areas experience extremely high velocity winds. This winds can eventually blow off garage door hinges which might cause great losses especially if this happens when you are not around.

Due to this, special designed garage doors that are made of steel and other heavy hardware materials have been formulated. such doors are able to withstand extreme high winds of up to 170mph.

9. I have installed my garage door. what’s next?

You might not find it necessary to familiarize yourself and learn how the garage system operates until that moment you are already late for work and you are stuck in your garage without any idea what to do.

Learning the guidelines of the garage door system will not only save you time but effort too.

Step by step, the garage door manual outlines the opening procedure-for garage door opener, general operation, maintenance and any other requirement that the door needs for its best possible performance.

Garage door safety has also become an emerging issue in the past few years. but with the improved technology, this has been dealt with. You only need to follow few guidelines and you are at less or no risk to injure yourself.

10. Choosing a garage opener.

With the improved technology, the market provides a wide range of garage door openers, most of which are good. The most common are the liftmaster, Marantec and the Genie garage door openers.

Different garage openers have different properties, sizes and opening, it’s a matter of individual choice as they are all designed to perform the same function.

In conclusion.

When it comes to choosing your garage door, you have it all. You chose the size, the material- steel, aluminum, glass or even wooden. You chose the color of paint that best suits you and the opener of your choice.

Wayne Dalton, Clopay and Genie garage doors are among the most popular manufacturers that you can consider when purchasing one.